Club Directors

Board or Directors Code of Ethics:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of fellow Directors, Club Leaders and all Club members.
    - Within the context of a person’s position and responsibilities, treat everyone
      equally regardless of sex, disability, ethnic origin or religion.


  • Be fair, considerate and honest.
    - All Directors and Committee members are deserving of equal say and


  • Responsibility of Directors is for the whole organisation.
    - Directors are elected “to provide overall direction and leadership for
      Society activities and services”.


  • Be professional and accept responsibility for your actions.
    - Directors should attend all Meetings
    - Directors should be punctual and should not depart Meetings early.
    - Language, manner, preparation and presentation should display high
    - Display control, respect, dignity and professionalism
    - Encourage fellow Directors to demonstrate the same qualities.


  • Make a commitment to have a detailed understanding and knowledge of the entire organisation.
    - Improve their current knowledge and understanding of ASLSC by reading
      all relevant documents.
    - Seek continual improvement through ongoing education and training,
      whether offered or sought.
    - Maintain appropriate files.


  • Operate within the rules and spirit of the SLSA, RLSSA, LSV and ASLSC.
    - Directors should be familiar with and follow the ASLSC Constitution, By-
      Laws and Policies.
    - Directors should be familiar with and follow SLSA, RLSSA and LSV policies
      and guidelines relevant to their position.


  • Confidentiality is critical.
    - Directors should maintain confidentiality in accordance with adopted


  • Refrain from any form of personal abuse towards fellow Directors.
    - This includes verbal, physical and emotional abuse.


  • Refrain from any form of harassment.
    - This includes sexual and racial harassment, racial vilification and harassment
      due to disability.


  • Declare any potential Conflict of Interest.
    - Directors should declare any and all potential Conflicts of Interest(s) in
      accordance with adopted Policies.


  • Expression of Concern.
    - Any concerns regarding the conduct of the Board Meetings should be
      directed without delay to the President.
    - Actions taken by Directors or Committee members should be directed,
      without delay to the relevant Vice President or to the President.


  • Other Duties of Directors
    - Act honestly at all times.
    - Do not make improper use of information for personal advantage.
    - Do not gain by improper use of the position.
    - Duty of Care.
    - Directors should exercise a degree of skill and diligence that any ordinary
      person would expect a Director to take.
    - Directors should ensure obligations under the Corporations Act are met.


  • Be a positive role model.