Development & Training

- All Members

Every member (excluding Social Pass Holders) can take part in development & training. The Club offers a huge range of lifesaving and other awards ranging from Surf Rescue Certificate and Bronze Medallion to First Aid and IRB awards. We also offer Age Group Manager awards for Nipper parents and Officials awards for anyone wishing to help out with competition.

Development & Training allows members to:

  • Gain useful qualifications

    • Develop teamwork

    • Build and improve relationships

    • Improve leadership skills

  • Personal Development

    • Improve self-awareness and identity

    • Develop talents and potential

    • Facilitate employability

    • Enhance ATAR score for some university entrance

    • Gain leadership skills through instructing Bronze Camps/SRC groups/Patrol responsibilities

    • Gain fitness and health improvement and emotional well-being

  • Increase your Network

    • Connect with like-minded people who can help you enhance your expertise and knowledge and create potential opportunities