Senior Surf Sport

Once you have gained your SRC or Bronze Medallion you can compete in Senior surf carnivals. The minimum age to compete at a Senior carnival is 13.

There is a winter carnival season, which is limited to IRB and pool competition, and a summer carnival season, which conducts the multi-disciplinary events below.  Carnivals for both seasons are conducted regularly throughout the state, culminating in the Victorian and Australian Championships.

Summer competitions are held in:

  • Surf Boat Rowing

  • Surf Ski Paddling

  • Malibu Board Paddling

  • Surf Swimming

  • Rescue & Resuscitation

  • Beach Sprint

  • Beach Flags

  • Champion Lifesaver (State & National only)

  • Patrol Competition (State & National only)

  • First Aid Competition (State & National only)

Competition manuals can be found on the SLSA website.

In addition to competition manuals there are state & national policies as well as bulletins which cover all areas of competition.  Please contact the Director of Surf Sports for further details.

All members who wish to compete at any SLSA competition must be registered, financial and currently proficient in SRC or Bronze Medallion.

To compete at the State or Australian Championships all competitors who have gained or requalified their SRC or Bronze medallion in any prior season must have requalified their award for the current season AND completed a minimum of 16 hours of patrol before the 1st January the year preceding the Victorian or Australian Championships.

Members gaining a new award, either SRC or Bronze Medallion from 1st October in the year preceding the Victorian or Australian Championships have different rules apply. See the Director of Surf Sports for your patrol hour requirements.

Once you have gained either the SRC or Bronze Medallion, you must continue to upskill when required to maintain your award, this means:

  • members holding an SRC who gain their Bronze medallion, or

  • members who have not requalified an award, either SRC or Bronze Medallion, for a number of years must complete relevant training and upskills and complete 16 hours patrol before the 31st December the year preceding the Victorian or Australian Championships.

Patrol hours shall be calculated on the following personal patrol hours completed by the competitor, providing they are documented in the Patrol log:

  • Rostered

  • Voluntary patrols

  • Water Safety for Junior Activities

  • Specialist services, eg: Helicopter, Jet boats, Radio Commands