Development Week Instructors
Outcomes will be released by 30th OCTOBER 2017.

Anglesea SLSC prides itself on the high quality of instruction provided by our volunteers during Development Week. Our instructors program has been restructured in 2017. There are two stages of being an instructor on camp, Year 1 and Year 2+.

Year 1 Instructors

In your first year as an instructor, you must first complete the Training Officer Certificate (TOC) course. The Training Instructors Weekend is an opportunity for new instructors to gain their Training Officer Certificate (TOC) on 9-10th December. This course is run by staff from LSV that come to Anglesea. This course runs over two days, and is a live-in weekend at the Anglesea club house.

In your first year, you can become a trainer of one of three awards;

  • Bronze Medallion

  • IRB Driver Certificate

  • First Aid


On camp, Year 1 instructors learn to teach in a range of different learning environments, both on and off the beach, with an emphasis on practical teaching. Not only does this opportunity allow trainees to step out of their comfort zone and develop teaching skills, but it helps develop leadership skills that transferable to a range of future endeavours within and outside lifesaving. Trainees are mentored by Senior Instructors and work collaboratively to plan lessons, deliver courses and manage a classroom.

Year 2+ Instructors

After completing your initial season as a Year 1 instructor, you can;

  • Gain your TOC in another award,

  • Become a House Leader who is in charge of pastoral care for the candidates and their program outside the classroom (eg. morning fitness, session breaks, night time activities etc.)

  • Become a Senior Instructor who is in charge of mentoring the training instructors to build them up to be quality teachers 

Year 2+ candidates can apply and preference one or all of these options.

All Year 2+ instructors attend free of charge.

Selection Criteria

The numbers of participants we can take on our camp is determined by our capacity to ensure quality instruction for all candidates. As our camp is so popular, in 2017 we are introducing a selection process for all camps.

Year 1 candidates can preference in order:

  • Bronze TOC;

  • First Aid TOC; and

  • IRB Drivers TOC.


Year 2+ candidates can preference all 7 options in order.

In 2017, there are places for:

  • Bronze TOC - 12 candidates

  • First Aid TOC - 4 candidates

  • IRB Drivers TOC - 4 candidates

  • Bronze House Leaders - 4 positions

  • Bronze Senior Instructors - 4 positions

  • Silver IRB House Leaders - 2 positions

  • Silver IRB Senior Instructors - 2 positions

Mandatory requirements

  • Hold a current Bronze Medallion and at least two other awards, including the award you wish to train

  • Be a financial member of Anglesea SLSC (if over 18, must also hold a Working with Children Check)

  • Be previous member of Anglesea for at least three seasons

  • Have completed a minimum of 16 patrol hours in the previous season of which 50% must be on-beach (not nipper water safety) patrol hours at Anglesea

  • Be a current member of an ASR (preferred)

  • Must be available for the entirety of the camp

  • All Year 1 Instructors must be able to attend the Training Instructors Weekend – 9-10th December

  • All Year 2+ Instructors must already hold their Training Officer Certificate and their TOC in at least one award

Application Criteria

  • Level of involvement in the club (e.g. patrol, competition, nippers, training)

  • Depth of knowledge of the subject matter (eg. Bronze, IRBD, SFA)

  • Ability to provide availability to train one other course outside Development Week in the 2017/2018 season

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